Good-bye blogging for a while


Today, I will be gone from blogging. I will come back in 2 weeks. Why am I gone? None of your business! *jk* I will be gone because I am very busy with homework, and I need to figure out some stuff in my life. I might be gone from fantage for 2 weeks too. See you soon I hope, and Happy Early Thanksgiving.

Vintage Gold

Before I reblogged thinking sales would be LOWER in Vintage Gold. Boy was I wrong. They’re much higher, but I am okay with that. I still get cool stuff! ❤ One problem… I can’t get everything by playing games. I am a nonmember and I cannot buy ecoins or a membership, (Well I could, but I my parents won’t pay for it… I think about buying with my own money, but I am broke.) so I just focus on the nonmember starred items.

I figured out though, I could get stars faster than playing games over and over again. The seashells. I bought the member seashell costume, and I got all the prizes, and now I am just going to keep making whatever I can with my seashells, and sell them at lucky bobs! I recommend you doing this too… If you can’t buy the member one (I bought mine with ecoins when trade and sell was still around, a long time ago), buy the nonmember one and do the same. This will be harder though, since there are more than twice more member shells than nonmember ones, and I bid you good-luck if you do this that way.

Tomorrow (which is Monday), elf hat will be sold! I wonder if it will be the special itemBut I have got a lot of the sea shell prizes and 11,000 stars, so I am not very worried. I REALLY, REALLY want elf hat, VERY badly. I did also want bone, but I forgot it would be sold and I was doing my homework; Also, I only had, like, 2,000 stars =( and it was around 8:30, so I didn’t get it =(

Also, play secret adventure and you’ll get stars, gems, and stickers! You can sell stickers, and sell your rares, and get more with the gems, over and over again! 🙂

I hope you get all your wishlist items and Happy Early Thanksgiving! I’ll be eating turkeys, thank you very much! 🙂 Good-luck turkeys, you’re going to need it! (Wait, I want to eat the turkeys! DIE TURKEYS DIE!)

-pups215 ^~^

“X” is great :D

You’ll never believe me….


It was pretty awesome. The username was “x” and she was awesome. Apparently the admins have the power to choose and play rock, paper, scissors with fantagians. If you win, you’d get 100 stars. If you loose you’d get 50 stars. Either way you’d get stars, and it’s pretty fast too!



I agree and disagree. I’m a non-member, so I would actually like for this to happen. I can’t buy eCoins/membership either, but I might get a job soon so… =D This will either make the item’s values decrease or stay the same. THEY WILL NOT INCREASE. think about it; Vintage shop made the buying value a LITTLE higher. But think about it again. IF frisky (Big “if”) came back, well look. Its buy value is worth about 1,400. It sells at tns for like, 300,000 ecoins, and sometimes more. IF (again, HUGE ENORMOUS “if”) it did come back, it might sell for around 1,620 or something like that. I highly doubt any items they bring back will stay the same value. I bet they’d decrease if brought back.


Guess what? Trade n Sell is going to CLOSE!!!


It will be replaced with a brand new shop, Vintage Gold!

Why is princess_moomoo supporting this, you may ask?

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I will make fantage editsfrom now on. The first 5 people who ask for an edit will not have to pay for it at ALL!I will give credit to fantageville; Princess moomoo!I did NOT get the idea from her. But so being, you could accuse me since not long after I am posting, but however, I got the idea from not fantageville   but FACEBOOK, so please don’t be hating on me. I do give them credit though, because princess moomoo gave some VERY helpful videos, and I love her blog.

Now we shall talk about the new event:

As you all know, there is a new October event. I will edit it later, and I will show you everything.